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ZAPON based in China has been specialized in PCB Fabrication for many years. Our Printed Circuits Boards have been exported to America, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia, which satisfy our customers with high quality and good service. As an experienced and passionate team, we aim to be the leading supplier in both PCB prototype and production

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    ZAPON was established in 2007, which is located in Zhejiang Ouhai Guo River Street at Lantau industrial zone. Our Factory is an independent investment covering an area of 12,000 square meters. It’s in good geographical location and has convenient transportation; it connects with ShangHai and NingBo

One-Stop Solution for Circuit Boards Manufacturing + Assembly

With High technology, advanced producing equipments and automatic assembly lines, We offer full-service including printed circuit board manufacturing, pcba with two options prototype and Turn-Key Assembly

  • What can I expect when purchasing from Zapon?

    When you order from Zapon, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer. This means that there are no third-party fees, no markup prices, and no delays in processing. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience and your finished product!

    Each and every printed circuit boards we make are manufactured from only the best material supplies, allowing us to produce high-quality PCBs that are sure to catch the eye and are guaranteed to last!

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  • Why Us?

    If you are searching for a fast and reliable printed circuit boards and Assembly China manufacturer, look no further! We has everything you need to produce your small and large custom pcbs

    For many years we have been supplying printed circuit boards to businesses and individuals who have been looking for a reliable pcb manufacturer. This is why we are known as one of the best.


  • I have been using Zapon as a printed circuit boards supplier for many years.
    I have ordered everything from 1 layer designs to Multilayer board, even HDI boards from them and always find their quality and delivery excellent. They looked nice with black, Red, Blue Soldermask, Thank you very much, and wishing you and Zapon much success

    Author's imageRaul JovelHONDURAS
  • My first time using Zapon and sent them BRD file, then they converted it to Gerber standard. What a great service you have. There were several errors during the conversion and they caught them and brought them to my attention. My boards was Rev1 with 12×7” done before in USA, Now Zapon is much Cheaper with same quality. it will be my first choice for sure

    Author's imageBarry Cussell AUSTRALIA
  • Absolutely unbelievable, prices are excellent, The customer service, response times, and services offered are excellent, I’ve had 10 lots of printed circuit boards from Zapon. including one production of 6 layer PCBs. quality and delivery are excellent. I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help in getting these boards done.

    Author's imageCraig SmithBARBADOS
  • Unique Features

    Zapon Printed circuit boards TOP 6 Superiority

    • Reliable PCB Manfacturing

      we have the knowledge, skills, and in-depth experience to build your board, Our Clients count on us to do what we say we will do

    • Quality PCB Fabrication

      We will communicate and work with you at every step of the process, all the orders will check by our engineer before going to fabrication, and we are a Real PCB manufacturer not A broker.

    • On Time PCB Delivery

      We shipped PCBs on time. actually we shipped 50% of our orders early!

    • No Minimum PCB Order

      we don’t have any minimum order requirements, you can order from quantity 1 pcs

    • Quick-Turn PCB Services

      Our standard prototype PCB lead time is 8 days, however, depending on the complexity of the boards and quantity, it could be longer. We also have 3 day, 5 day and 6 day quick turn available

    • One Stop Solution

      Beyond PCB Manufacturing, we provide PCB Assembly, Zapon is your single source solution for printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly


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  • pcb manufacturer china

  • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Printd Circuit Boards MANUFACTURING

With Zapon always offers High quality Printed Circuit Boards, manufactured professionally at a low cost. PCB Fab requires a long and complex process for the end result. Reliability is critical to the success of your product, and we do everything necessary to insure that our part of your product is flawless. From design review to manufacturing to quality control and testing, you can rely on our experienced team of printed circuit professionals to produce products that you can count on without hesitation


As a china PCB manufacturer, you can direct order PCBs from China, we has been providing high quality, quick turn circuit boards to the electronics industry for over 10 years

We consistently offer the most competitive pricing in the industry with no hidden fees or additional charges. Request your free online PCB quote today to see how much you can save


Zapon Also provide PCB prototype services, we offers high quality Printed Circuit Boards with best standards in the industry. zapon values the importance of the order and guarantees minimum lead time for delivery. the delivery time of the prototype standard is 8 days. also we provide quick turn service, please check with our sales for rush order cost for example 3 days, 4 days or 6 days.


We are ready to serve you. Our management staff has over 20 years of combined PCB manufacturing experience at your disposal, and we’re happy to consult with you on the design and specifications of your circuit boards
we have provided good old fashioned customer service that other printed circuit board companies seldom provide.
Because of our ability to listen, communicate, and react, thousands of loyal customers choose our PCB services over the competition.

Standard & Custom Printed Circuit Boards

We offer full-service printed circuit board manufacturing with two easy options:

Standard: Double Layer, turn time with 8 days. Material FR4, Surface finish HASL, Qualifications IPC Class 2 A600
Board thickness: 1.6mm, 1.0mm,1.2mm,0.8mm. copper weight: 1oz Green solder mask, white silkscreen. Testing.

Custom Spec will depend on your PCB design requirements and specifications, but All files receive a full CAM
review and all boards are inspected to IPC-A600 Class 2

Why my order on hold?

You can help to ensure that your PCBs gets manufactured without being put on hold.
Please review these common reason for on-holds.
Any file is corrupt or missing
PCB Fabrication Print is not supplied, or it is missing the following:
Material type and finished thickness of the board
Finished copper weight
Board dimensions and outline
Cut outs or slots information
Discrepancies between Gerber files and PCB Fabrication Print
Board Construction is not defined
Surface finish not defined
No Drill file available.
Drill file is not ASCII format
Missing holes
Plated and Non-Plated holes not defined
No Aperture list available
No layer stack up information available

PCB Capabilities

Maximum finished dimension: 600x450mm
Minimum thickness: 0.2mm
Maximum thickness: 3.2mm
Laminate Material:
FR-4 、High TG FR-4(170°C/180°C) 、Rogers 、
FR-4 Laminate thickness (Standard) 1.6mm (0.062″)
High TG FR-4 (170 degree C) 1.6mm (0.062″)
Rogers Material 0.8mm 4350 4003c
Layer Construction
Maximum processed layer count 22 layer
Minimum core thickness 0.08mm (0.003″) Standard / 0.05mm (0.002″ ) Special
Minimum Size Mechanical Drill -0.2mm (0.008″) / Laser Drill-0.1mm (0.004″)
Solder Mask
Colors Green, White, Black, Yellow, Red, Blue, Matte Green & Black
Nominal Thickness Thickness: 0.4mil to 0.6mil
Min. Solder Mask Clearance Mask Dam 3mil (Minimum )
Exposure Registration +/-3mil
Colors White, Black, Yellow
Minimum Silkscreen Clearance 0.005″
Minimum Heigh /Width 0.028″ / 0.028″
Board Routing & Profile
Tolerance Board Edge & Cutouts +/-0.15mm (0.006″)
Score Line to Edge of Board +/-0.15mm (0.006″)
Depth of V-Scoring (Board Thickness>=0.04″) +/-0.1mm (0.004″)
Deviation of V-scoring +/-0.1mm (0.004″)
Surface Finished
HASL / Lead Free HAL Vertical 50u” to 300u”
Immersion Gold Thickness 2u” to 3u” suggested but max. 8u”
Hard Gold Thickness up to 50u” (Need copper connection)
Immersion Tin Thickness 40u” to 50u”
Immersion Silver Thickness 8u” to 12u”
Gold plated edge connectors, Max. 50u” Au, over 120u” Ni
Quality Standard & Packing
IPC-600 Pictorial Guide Apply Class II to Determine Defects Visual Inspection 100%,
UL Certification UL 94V-0 , RoHS, SGS Inspection
Packing Method Vacuumed Sealed Pack
For surface finish ENIG, it will be 3.5mil, for HASL, it go to 4mil at least.