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  • microwave-circuit-board

    Challenges and Techniques used in PCB Fabrication in China Process

    There are international standards followed to maintain an assurance over quality as well as durability in the printed circuit board. This solely depends on the type and level of design created for a prototype. The challenges faced at the time of fabrication like inadequate fiducials ( reference point ) , polarity , hole size, tabs, […]

  • Understanding it and its benefits

    PCB Fabrication – Understanding it and its benefits

    What is a PCB? A printed circuit board is mostly used in electronic gadgets and basically mechanically and electrically connects the electronic components in the gadget using conductive tracks and pads. A printed circuit board also consists of other features, which could be made from copper sheets and is laminated on the board, which is […]

  • Prototype PCB Some Insights

    Prototype PCB Some Insights

    Advanced and modern PCB may consist of components like capacitors, resistors, and other active substances embedded in the substrate. A PCB containing all these electronic components is called a PCB Assembly or PCBA. Legend printing is often done on one or both sides of the PCB and it contains the component designators, test points and […]