Frequently Asked Questions

PCB Manufacturing

01. Can I increase the order quantity once an order has been placed?

You can increase the order quantity, but we need to quote it again. and we will ship all the quantity together

02. How do you keep your prices low?

We are the real factor based in China, not the middle man, also we get a cheap prices of shipping.

03. Do you have any cancellation fees?

A prorated cancellation fee will be charged for cancelled orders depending on fabrication status at the time of cancellation.

04. Where should I send my files to get a printed circuit board quote or place an order?

please send the files and the manufacturing technical specification to our to get a quote

05. Will you allow me to put several designs together and run as one offer?

You are welcome to panelize circuit boards together to make one order.
To do this, all your files must come to us pre-panelized. However, we cannot rout these into into individual boards. They will be
shipped to you as a tab routed array or as an un-routed array as you specify on full spec orders. repeat of a single design are not

06. What is tab route?

A tab route is used to create arrays, often called “route and retain”. The customer can place more than one board (same or different
design) up in a given area in an array or panelized configuration. This is typically for the convenience of the customer or for assembly
requirements that utilize pick and place machines to load components. The PCB’s are then separated by breaking or cutting the tabs.
Tabs are usually 0.100″ in width and are placed with at least 1 on each side of the boards.

07. What does “V-scoring” mean?

This is a “v” groove cut into the top and bottom surface of an array of multiple PCB’s or between a board and rails to be removed
after assembly. The cut is usually 1/3 top, 1/3 bottom, leaving 1/3 uncut in the middle. This process is used when removing the tabs of
a tab route is not a viable option, this does result in a less smooth finished board edge. The boards are typically set up side by side
and end to end with the edges adjacent to each other. After assembly the boards are broken or snapped apart.

08. How can I repeat a previous order? Do I need to upload or send files for reorders?

you don’t have to send the files again, just tell us the correct part number or file name of the pervious order

09. If I only have the individual/single PCB, can you please panelize it for me?

Yes, it is fine to send us single PCB files. We can panelize it for you.

10. What files do you need? / Do you accept files in BRD format?

As a default, we accept Gerber file RS-274X format. (Note: 274D format is not accepted) We also accept the following layout
files:*.ODB++, PROTEL *.PCB/ *.PCBDOC EAGLE *.BRD (IMPORTANT: please provide your Eagle Version to avoid conversion