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Printed Circuit Boards Assembly Services In China

Zapon specializes in building your short-run, one-off, and prototype assembly, with rapid turn times
We assemble your prototype PCBs with SMT and/or THT components at very attractive prices

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  • No Minimum order

    Order 1 prototype to test, or up to 5000 for mid-sized production jobs. No minimums or contracts

  • Turnkey

    PCB Fabrication, parts sourcing and assembly. They come back to you ready to go. Easy

  • Quality Assembly

    import PCB Equipment, SMT & thru-hole assembly by experienced technicians

  • Fast Turn Times

    Prototype assembly fast. Kitted and Turn-Key options available. Quote and order, any time

  • Delivery Guarantee

    Time is money. Zapon delivery guarantee ensures you get what you need, when you need it.

  • Affordable Price

    NO Set-Up Charges, NO NREs, & NO Stencil Charges,Lowest SMT Price

  • Precise PCB Prototype Assembly

    Zapon was founded to serve the electronic designer who needs short runs of extremely high-end boards, the mass market engineer who need fast, reliable prototypes, and the maker working on the next big thing.

    Our unique service, printed circuit board fabrication and quick turn/small quantity assembly under one roof, is the leading “one-stop” solution in China, We provide seamless continuity and consistent quality at every step of the process

  • Low Volume

    Printed Circuit Boards Assembly

    we have the capacity to meet your low-volume PCB assembly requirements while providing the high-quality results and competitive pricing

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      • We Offer Complete Turnkey Low-Volume Assembly Services
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Capability Details

Features Capability
Quality Grade Standard IPC 3
Order Quantity 1pc – 5000+pcs
IPCB Specification Requirements PCB whose width/length is less than 30mm should be panelized
Max board size: 500×450 mm
Board Type: Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Metal core PCBs
Surface finish: lead/lead-free HASL, ENIG, Silver, OSP
Assembly Types Surface mount
Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
Single or double sided placement
Conformal coating
Shield cover assembly for EMI emission control
Solder Type Lead-free – RoHS
Parts Procurement Full Turnkey
Partial Turnkey
Component types SMT 01005 or larger
BGA 0.4mm pitch, POP (Package on Package)
WLCSP 0.35mm pitch
Hard metric connectors
Cable & wire
SMT Parts Presentation Bulk
Cut tape
Partial reel


Single or double-sided serial production-quality SMDs are assembled using a fully automated machine. Components must be at least size 0402 and have a contact spacing greater than 0.4 mm

Through-Hole Technology (THT) components are soldered by hand or by a selective soldering machine.

The delivery time for the assembly of your printed circuit boards depends on the number of components to be assembled. Assembly will start on the day on which all the materials that are necessary (components, including the required surplus amounts, printed circuit boards, and stencil) have arrived


We process components supplied by you as well as components purchased for you. If you wish to assemble particular components yourself, this is not a problem

The components that you supply must be delivered in a dry condition and be adequately labelled.
Please use the component designations that are also entered on your bill of material (BOM)

BOM – Bill Of Materials

In order to avoid errors and delays with the assembly, we need to receive the BOM file in a special format
contact us to receive a BOM sample

Our Equipment

Our Equipment is critical to achieve our high quality supply and expedient delivery times. We constantly revise the suitability of our equipment and continually strive to use the latest state of the art Equipment. Our printed circuit boards assembly equipment is always calibrated and checked for its effectiveness by our stringent quality assurance system.


Zapon supply’s a wide variety of stencils for all manufacturing requirements with direct from Overseas pricing. We are committed to delivering the highest quality laser cut stencils, All of our SMT (Surface mount technology ) stencils are designed for optimum solder paste volume control for prototyping and high volume screen printing on printed circuit boards. Our stencils are laser cut and electropolished to ensure the best paste release characteristics available.

visit our PCB Solder Stencils page to learn more

PCB Fabrication

before PCB assembly China, we need to produce your printed circuit boards. our engineer will create a panel array with tooling strips, mounting holes,fiducial marks.

panelization is a must-have with the consideration of PCB fabrication efficiency, reducing assembly labor cost and quality control.

We can accept your panelized PCB design file or help panelize design based on your specific requirements

Panel with V-CUT/V-GROOVE

We require 0.0mm spacing between each unit for panel with V-cut

As the V-scoring could only go all through the whole board and no-stop, V-cut cannot be used for the panel with units of different size

Panel with TAB-ROUTING
For panel with Tab-routing, we need 2.0mm spacing between each unit. We offer two options for tab-routing: Tab-Route with breaking holes and Tab-route with tabs

Fiducial marks

For each panel, we require at least 3 fiducial marks. Those marks should be placed in the middle of the tooling strips with the diameter at 1.0mm.

The fiducial marks on board’s left should be 10.0mm away from the board edge, and the right ones should be 15.0mm away from the board’s right edge

Mounting holes

We would recommend diameter of mounting holes to be set at 3.0mm and the width of tooling strips at 7.0mm, and at least 5.0mm distance from the edge of the board

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Printed Circuit Boards Assembly FAQ

01. What files and data do I need to send you to confirm pricing and place order?

We need the following files

Gerber files for Top/Bottom Copper, Silkscreen, and Solder paste mask.
BOM list.It needs reference designators, value, package, description, and manufacturer part number. contact us to receive a BOM sample
Cad-generated component location XYRS file-also called the parts position/rotation file or the machine pick-n-place file. Each CAD system will generate this, if requested.
Board X,Y, 0,0 reference designators; Board Fiducial Marks are appreciated but not required.

02. In what formats do you accept parts

We gladly accept parts in cut tape, trays, tubes, reels, even bags if necessary…whatever. If you are ordering cut-tape from a vendor please request a continuous strip for the order quantity plus overage.

03. How do you handle Shipping and Handling

We can ship it by FedEx, If you have a shipping account already established, please provide that information upon order confirmation and we will bill the shipment charges directly to you. Otherwise, we will prepay and add all shipping charges we’ve incurred to your invoice upon closing. All packages are sent insured.

04. Why do you need the silkscreen gerber layer?

The silkscreen layer normally includes POLARITY information and reference designators for parts. From diodes and polarized caps to QFNs and BGAs, orientation is critical. If your CAD system is ‘weak’ in calling out the rotation, then the visible information contained in the silk is our best check. That doesn’t include the requirements of a repair tech or a QA inspector.

05. How many extra parts do you require?

Please send a minimum of 50 pieces on a continuous strip 10 to 12 inches long or 5 % overage for all common passives; whichever is greater to avoid any delays in production. IC’s and more expensive parts usually require 1-2 extra at most. Parts that are properly shipped in anti-static carriers or in moisture sensitive packaging will be treated with care both while being inventoried and placed. Any unused parts are returned with your job.

06. Can you ensure the quality of the parts you use?

We purchase all our parts from reputable agents like DigiKey and Mouser. As such, we can guarantee the quality of the parts we use. We also have a quality control department that verifies the quality of all parts before they are incorporated into our products

07. What is the delivery time for a printed circuit boards assembly order?

The general lead time for the fulfillment of PCBA orders is about 4-5 weeks. This includes PCB manufacture, component procurement, and assembly.

08. Do you order components? do we have to provide them to you?

We usually buy components from DigiKey, Mouser and Farnell from our licensed agent suppliers. However, if you would like to buy them directly yourself, that is fine. If you want to provide all the components or partial components, that is also ok.