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Our audience

Over 5000 people are using zaponchina each month. most of users are our customers
Our users are made by people & small businesses who need custom pcb manufacturing or circuit board assembly from industry, Electronic, Medical enterprises.

Guest Post Guidelines

if you are really liking to write to our blog, please take a look our guidelines
and expectations before email us and submit your article

Article must be 100% Original

It means No Plagiarism – must be Creative & Unique!

We will use CopyScape to check the post originality. Also, No Self-Plagiarism – you can’t “borrow” sentences from your own prior published content, or company blog posts.

If you are going to copy words, it must be attributed appropriately


Yes, we allow two do-follow backlinks for your website as per the quality of the article.

Article or content lenght

Your article should be 700 to 3000 words.

Average 1000 words and more unique words will publish fast.
The article should be at least 700 words.

Keep in mind that longer posts tend to get more exposure, page views, time-on-page, and social media engagement – but also burn you out a lot quicker.

The top articles are concise, clear, and only as of the need to be. After all, our readers are busy. Tell them what they need to know and get out.

What kind of topics we accept?

Our users are Medical Devices,Medical imaging systems, Infusion pumps,LEDs
Residential lighting, Consumer Electronics, Computers,Home appliances,Industrial Equipment,Power equipment,Measuring equipment,Automotive Components,Sensors,Control systems,Aerospace Components,Power supplies,Maritime Applications,Safety and Security Equipment,Telecommunications Equipment, Military and Defense Applications.

The most successful articles tend to be listed (e.g., tips, tools, examples), how-to posts, explainer articles, expert roundups, opinion posts.

Try to share your own experiences to add value to the reader and don’t rely heavily on quoting experts, authorities, influencers, or other websites.

Submit your Article / Ideas

Before you send your article, because of the number of posts we receive, we may not reply to every submission.

It is safe to assume that if we do not reply to you within one weeks, your article topics are not fit for our audience, or your post will not be published.

You can fill in the form below, or you can drop us an email at:
market[at][/at]zaponchina[dot][/dot]com and don’t forget to include:

• the message subject: Article / Guest post for zaponchina
• Complete name and a short bio about you.
• Sent us suggestions for post titles to choose from, or you can even attach the article.